NovaDroid is a customization of the Android operating system, developed from the source code and adapted to the needs and realities of Cuban society. The idea began as a research project of the specialists of the Free Software Center and can now be found in the tablets marketed by GEDEME. NovaDroid is free of services that consume battery in a silent way and that due to the Cuban technological conditions can not work, improving the speed of the product.

Thanks to the technological assimilation, NovaDroid brings with it applications developed by the Cuban software industry.

Installed Apps:

  • La Neurona
  • La Chivichana
  • La Super Claria

Thanks to the reuse of the most used operating system in the world, NovaDroid supports more than 1 million applications available in the different Android application stores. We provide a set of basic free software applications that will be useful in everyday work among which stand out:

  •      Firefox
  •      OmniNote
  •      Documents Reader