Nova Server

Nova Server

Servers-oriented distribution of GNU / Linux using open standards and adapted to the environments of Cuban companies. Among its features are the easy and intuitive configuration through the nova-manager tool, intended for the management of telematic services and support for obsolete hardware in the business environment.

It includes in the base system the possibility of installing and configuring various technologies from the installation interface itself, ensuring that the user does not require or depend on access to a repository for installation.

Technologies installation and configuration:

Proxy: has three submodules Squid, Squish and E2guardian. Enables improved enterprise Internet connections performance by caching recurring requests to web servers, manages browsing quotas, and controls which content can be displayed especially to restrict access to certain website materials.

NFS: network protocol that allows access files through a computer network as well as access local storage.

LTSP: allows light clients to boot from an LTSP server, reducing costs and making it possible to use obsolete computers and make them functional.

Samba4: uses the technologies and protocols that the Active Directory supports, among which you can mention SMB, LDAP, DNS, Kerberos and NTP.

Apache2: is an open source web server, focusing on scalability, security and performance. It is multiplatform, has multiprocessing modules, support of virtual hosts and system of dynamic modules.

ProFTPD: can be configured as multiple virtual FTP servers and has the ability to be caged depending on the file system.

Antivirus: it allows to scan in real time the folders that are available for the detection and disinfection of the data.

Firewall: is a part of a system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access, while allowing authorized communications.

Nginx: is a web server, multiplatform and includes email services with access to IMAP and POP.

Fail2ban: is used for intrusion prevention in a system, which acts by penalizing or blocking remote connections attempting access by brute force.

Zabbix: is designed to monitor and record the status of various network services, servers, network hardware and applications.

Bacula: is a tools collection for the system backup management, recovery and verification of computer data through a network of computers of different types.

Mail: allows to manage the mail service infrastructure for the version of Nova Servers 6.0, include technologies as Postfix, Dovecot, Amavis-New, ClamaV, Spamassassin.