Nova Ligero

Nova Ligero

Nova Ligero is the project where the components of an alternative desktop of the Nova operating system for low performance computers are developed. It deals with the Desktop Environment issues for workstations with scarce hardware resources, as well as optimization methods for minimal, minimalist and light operating systems.

Through the re-use of the LXDE environment we show a simple and functional user environment, optimized for use in computers with very low performance. Browse your files, local or remote using the PCmanFM file manager.

Use the Mozilla Firefox web browser to browse the Internet with speed, safety and ease, without compromising your personal information. Communicate with your contacts using the Pidgin instant messaging client. Keep your emails stored locally and synchronized with the server using the Sylpheed email client.


Thanks to the powerful office suite LibreOffice you can give free rein to your creativity in the making professional documents, presentations and spreadsheets through a simple interface and powerful tools. LibreOffice is the most complete and efficient free office software suite in the world.
Software included:

  • LibreOffice Impress, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Writer, Document Viewer

Software Supported:

  • Abiword, GNumeric