Informatics 2018.

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Informatics 2018.
From March 19 to 23 the Convention and International Computer Fair 2018 will be held in Havana, Cuba. The Free Software Center (CESOL) invites you to the VIII International Workshop on Free Software and Open Source Technologies. It will be a space for exchange among professionals, scientists, technicians, businessmen, international organizations and the public in general, interested in researching, promoting, analyzing and learning about free software and open source technologies in Cuba and the world. The products of the center will be presented as part of the exhibition fair and they will be able to participate directly in the launch of version 6.0 of the Nova operating system, which has some novelties such as: Completely new desktop environment, Office suite, Image manager , File browser, Music and video players, Web browser and messaging and mail client, Accessories, Tool for file sharing. We count on your presence !!!
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