Frequently asked questions

┬┐Why Nova?

Because as long as we are using proprietary software we are in continuous violation of the copyright laws of the owners of such software. By not having the possibility to obtain their source code we can not verify its security and may exist backdoors implemented that would put our personal information at risk.

Why make another GNU / Linux distribution and not use Ubuntu?

All GNU / Linux distributions make constant decisions about changing or updating their applications, and do not take into account the difficulties and technological conditions of a small country (at least not free). This presents a big problem for Cuba due to the diverse technological park.

Precisely one of the premises of Nova's development is technological sovereignty, which declares the need to carry out the assimilation of the technologies used, so that we can develop autonomously and have decisional capacity over its use and development.

How do I install my computer with Nova?

It is extremely easy. Go to the download section of this site and choose the product you want. Once the product has been downloaded, you can burn it to a DVD, put it on the computer and turn it on choosing to boot from the disc tower. Follow the instructions and in a short time you can use Nova from your computer.

You can use a USB flash drive, instead of a DVD, using the UNetbootin program in Windows or Linux.