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In the framework of the fair that takes place in Pabexpo was presented today ATcnea, this product is the result of a tripartite alliance between the University of Computer Science (UCI), the company GEDEME of the Group of Electronics (GELECT ) And the HAIER company of the People's Republic of China. The UCI provides software that runs on all available hardware in the classroom.

The launch was made by the MSc. Yerandy Manso Guerra, director of the Center of Technologies for the Formation of Faculty 4, is the result of the joint work of several specialists of the Network of Centers of the UCI. It was attended by about 45 people who could witness the characteristics and 16 of them were able to sit in the classroom and interact with the technology. In the room there was no room for more.

What are the technologies that are involved in the classroom today?

ATcnea: It is the fundamental component of the classroom, developed in the center of the UCI FORTES provides a solution for the creation of an interactive classroom composed of an intelligent whiteboard, a laptop for the teacher and 16 tablets: one for each student at each table. ATcnea guarantees the interaction between the tablets and the laptop through the wireless connection.