About us

The Free Software Research Group of the Free Solutions Center (#CESOL), belonging to Faculty 1 aims to: "Apply a model for knowledge management through the internationalization of scientific and technological results and the development of capacities and Skills in the development and migration of Free Software and Open Source Systems in Cuba, with the use of new technologies and good practices, so as to increase the relevance, quality and impact of CESOL products, services and integral solutions . "

Thematic lines in which we work are:

LT 1. Development of Open Source and Free Software. (Development of Drivers, Security in systems, Administration of telematic services, Solutions for the migration of services, Design of technological solution, Certification and Homologation of Hardware, Compilation to third party platforms, among others)
LT 2. Migration to free software and open standards. (Migration of telematic services technologies; Specialized Services of Migration Counseling; Consulting in migration processes; Comprehensive migration and training and personalization service.)
LT 3. Software engineering applied to free software. (Quality Ecosystem for free software products; Social networks from repositories; Hardware testing system; Project file for developments of free SO, etc.)